The Peaks

I heard a wonderful phrase recently; “I’m not an early bird or a night owl, I’m some form of permanently exhausted pigeon” I wouldn’t go as far to say I was an early bird/lark, as it takes me a bit of time to get going in the morning!  But no matter how early you’ve got up, or how far you’ve travelled, The Peak District is always stunning.

5.30am was leaving time to catch the sunrise at Mam Tor.  I’ve said in previous posts I’m not a landscape enthusiast, but this trip really gave me the chance to play around with my photography.  I decided to shoot at between 10-50mm focal length for the whole day, to push my photography in that direction.  I wanted to set myself a few photographic challenges for the day, so for the first, I looked for lines to use in the image below as a composition challenge on the hills next to Mam Tor.


Next was down to Padley Gorge where I played around with ND filters and long exposure shots on the water.  But my main challenge here was to look for reflections in standing water, or something to have as interesting foreground.  I’ve always struggled with reflecting the views I see through the camera, the landscape images never have that sense of scale or grandeur.  On way of doing this is to compose your shots with something to create that sense of scale in the front of the image, a point of interest (fences, gates, rocks are always good).  I had troubles with this image, as the tree was very busy and I’m not a huge fan of cloning big things out (like trees), and the sky didn’t have a huge amount of texture in it, but I was happy with just experimenting on the day!


Take it easy,