Grin and Bear it

How can something so small capture a classroom’s hearts so easily?  Monday saw us looking at microscopic marine and freshwater organisms.  Although Dinoflagellates and Volvox were amazing to look at, my favourite by far were the tardigrades; even with their amazing survival adaptations, they are just wonderful to watch (video on my Twitter @mgb_visuals).


These amazing microscopic animals (otherwise known as Water Bears) are just awesome.  Being able to survive without food or water for 30 days, pressure 30 times greater than the deepest ocean trenches, temperature ranges from -272 °C (nearly absolute zero) to about 150 °C, and radiation doses 100s of times greater than would kill humans, makes them one of the most resilient animals on earth (however, despite all of this, not even tardigrades can survive the crushing power of the slide coverslip… RIP my microscopic friends).

Heading to the Chestnut Centre in the Peaks tomorrow, so expect another blog soon(ish)!

Take it easy,