A Week Review #10

Apologies for being a tad late this week!

Lots more photography this week as promised, Monday I spent gathering images for the birds article I’m writing.  Looking at how birds fly, including a bit of evolution but mostly morphology.  So lots of skeleton and feather shots there!

Tuesday and Wednesday I was playing around with the rolls of film I shot for the man’s influence on the landscape article (slightly worried when developing but came out well so all good there!)

Thursday I went to Twycross Zoo (thanks to Em, @EmsView, for the lift) to get some shots for the animals in captivity article.  Spent a while editing these shots as I’m looking for two contrasting looks to the image; one side is the trapped, slightly sad look, the other is the happy side, interesting to change the style of editing to suit the look!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 21.30.55

Friday was the earliest start yet as we set off to Hunstanton at 5.30am.  An amazing tidal range was the home to oystercatchers and sandpiper galore.  Great to see even if it was a day full of yawns!


Heading home at the end of next week to get some shots at a different place, will share the results soon!

Take it easy,



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