A Week Review #8

The past few weeks I’ve been concentrating on getting the writing done for the articles, as I find writing difficult and I find it acts as a bit of a creative block, so the three days I had off this week were spent finishing off the articles.  I should be getting out to do more photography in the weeks to come!

Microscopy this week was spent searching for mitosis.   The end of plant roots undergo mitosis and by putting them in acid, you can ‘freeze’ the process.  By dyeing and squashing the root under a coverslip you can see the chromosomes!  Mitosis and meiosis has regularly come up in my eduction from GCSE so it was really cool to actually see and image.  The images did need a bit of post editing but that’s the same as all the microscope images really!


The Friday trip out was to the Cotswold Farm Park, I’m a big advocate for days away from work, where you can relax and do something completely different.  This was one of those days.  I didn’t need to get any images from this day so it was a chance to just enjoy being somewhere different!

Not too much else done this week because (as I mentioned) I was trying to get as much of the writing done as possible.

Take it easy,




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