A Week Review #7

My birthday week!  I headed to the peaks, and played with capturing upside down reflections.

Monday is usually microscopy day, but this and next week we’ve been split into two groups as we’re looking at mitosis and meiosis.  This week was the turn of the other group, but I will share the results of my efforts next week.

On Tuesday I had a meeting with the course directors regarding my summer projects (post coming) and had a group meeting regarding our exhibition, which is progressing nicely.

Wednesday was a business class; we have to create a business proposal for, and create adverts to include within, the magazine project.  Being from a science background, business isn’t really something I’ve considered before but I actually found it quite interesting and have a new perspective on the area.

The light was beautiful on a couple of the evenings, and although the sunset eluded me the golden hour didn’t disappoint.  I used the opportunities to play with reflections on the lake.  I decided to invert them in post processing to mess with the viewer’s perspective a bit; I saw an image by Marina Cano in the wildlife photographer of the year 2015 (http://www.nhm.ac.uk/visit/wpy/gallery/2015/images/mammals/5004/heaven-on-earth.html) where she did the same thing and I’ve always wanted to try it out!


My family and I went and took the dog for a walk in the Peak District on Friday, and I used it as an opportunity to take some images for the man’s influence on the landscape article which is to be shot on 35mm film.  Loving using the film camera, although I’ll admit I still look at the back of the camera expectantly waiting for the image to appear!

End to a great week, hope yours was equal to mine;

Take it easy,



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