A Week Review #6

*Click* and just like that, we’re in March.  Scary to think the Easter break is not far away…

The highlight of this week was by far seeing the tardigrades in the laboratory session on Monday (to read more see ‘Grin and Bear it’).  The whole microscopy session was an interesting one, my skills with a microscope are improving, and I’m enjoying each session more and more.  Next week we’re looking at the macrofauna of the freshwater environments (my background is in marine biology and coastal ecology so really looking forward to this session!).

As part of the course we are putting on an exhibition in May, on Tuesday we visited the university’s manuscripts and special collections department, and had an interesting talk on how they image, organise, and exhibit their collection.  Worth visiting one of their exhibitions if you are in the Nottingham area!

So far we’ve had relatively good weather for our days out, on Friday the weather caught up with us.  The Chestnut Centre is a well-run otter, owl, and wildlife park.  Unfortunately the weather was truly terrible, so images were limited.

Next week is my birthday week!  So hopefully I will be getting back out the peaks to explore and take more images of this amazing landscape.

Take it easy,



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