A Week Review #5

If I was doing a word of the week section, this week’s word would definitely be ‘Inspiration’, not because we’ve had a particularly inspiring week, but because of the amount the word’s been said in the edit room!

This week’s mostly been taken up by editing the two videos we’re making for our session with the undergrads I mentioned in previous posts.  But I’ll start off on Monday when we did something a little different… We had a talk from the OPAL citizen science project (https://www.opalexplorenature.org/), and took part in their soil and earthworm survey.  It essentially involved digging a hole in the ground and counting worms, but it was a welcome break from staring at screens! (Citizen science is a great way of getting people outdoors and involved with research, so if you can get involved, please do)


Tuesday saw us heading over to Bramcote Woods (If you’re in the Nottingham area it’s worth a visit), it’s part of a wildlife corridor that links up an area from the middle of Nottingham right the way out into the countryside so it was really interesting to have a look around.

Wednesday and Thursday were taken up editing the videos I mentioned.  We’ve done the films in two very different styles, the inspiration video is unscripted, and has us on screen for most of it.  The other video, which I haven’t mentioned much, has us describing a topic in photography.  Our topic is Light and Exposure, we’re not speaking on screen for any of it, and the voice overs are all scripted.  I find it very easy to talk about my inspiration, as it’s something I think about quite a lot, but very rarely have to describe or teach a topic in photography so found the second video a bit harder, even though it was all scripted.  They’ll be up on Vimeo at some point, so keep an eye on my twitter.

Our Friday day out this week was a cityscape day, so at 7am we set off to London.  I’ll leave this as a bit of a cliffhanger, because I haven’t developed the film yet.  I’ll do a post on it sometime next week.

But in the mean time! Take it easy,



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