A Week Review #4

4.15 starts are never easy.  But luckily that wasn’t the start to this week!

We started this week with a great microscopy practical, it took me a while but I’m starting to get the hang of it.  I was never really into the microbial side of biology, if I couldn’t see it with the naked eye, I wasn’t interested, but taking a drop of pond water and seeing the teeming mass of life it supports really is fascinating!

We started by having a look at our own cheek cells (picture below) before moving onto looking at honey and various slides Tom has in his collection.  Had no idea honey looked so cool under a microscope, unfortunately I didn’t get any images from the polarising microscope which made the honey crystals look amazing, but take a look at the images from Emily (@emsviews) and Leanne’s (@hunterimaging) instagram accounts.

Spent the middle of the week working on the project proposal for the summer project, I won’t say too much now as I’m giving the project its own post in a few weeks!

The 4.15 start came on Friday, but the yawns were worth it, as we went to the Peak District.  It’s truly a photographer’s dream!  Rolling hills and atmospheric streams fill the landscape.  I’ve put a little taster below and I’ll go through the day in more detail next week!

Take it easy, M



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