Underwhelming Sunrises.

We had a fantastic talk by landscape photographer Chris Upton on Tuesday, and as landscapes are an area I’m looking to improve, I journeyed home to the Cotswolds on Wednesday intending to head out early the next morning.

I had checked the weather and sunrise was set to be a beaut, so at 6.30am I was up and out the door.  Unfortunately the clouds decided not to play ball… But I stayed out and shot the old viaducts used for the railway before it got shut down in the 60s (below).  This was a prime example of something that I’ve been struggling with a bit recently; although it is nice sometimes just to head out and take photos, I have briefs to complete so I need to start putting a bit more planning in before I go out.  I didn’t really take full advantage of my time; I knew I wanted to shoot a sunrise, but didn’t actually know where, and didn’t really have a backup when the sunrise was a significantly underwhelming.

However I’m learning from all experiences and taking it on for the next time! It’s all a learning curve.

Take it easy, M




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