A Week Review #2

This semester I’ll be giving a general overview of what happened during the week, if there are workshops or days out I want explain in more detail, I’ll tackle them in separate blogs!

This week consisted of microscopy, inspirational talks, helping with the undergrad course, and magazine design.

The first of our microscopy lab days was really interesting; we had a brief overview of just a couple of the types of microscope, learnt how to set them up for photography, and had a practice taking images.  Below is an image of a muscle fibre slide, I also tried taking images of some pond water, but unfortunately I just missed the focus… Oh well, practice makes perfect and all that!

On Tuesday Wildlife Kate (@katemacrae) came to give us a really fascinating talk (below).  It was truly inspiring to see how inventive she was at generating film and photography from subjects some would consider “just boring British wildlife”, and it definitely gave me some ideas for future garden projects at home!

We also had a morning helping David and Steve with the undergrad biological photography module (wish I’d had it for my undergrad!), not a huge amount to say now but a developing project through the term.

Finally we had a day on magazine design, D&S had kindly got hold of a huge amount of magazines for us to analyse as groups, and perhaps gain some ideas for the upcoming magazine project!

Take it easy and more blogs to follow next week!




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