Guess who’s back?

After a good few weeks off recharging the batteries (literally and figuratively) I’m back up in Nottingham ready to get into the semester.  My photography came on leaps and bounds last year, but I want to get more creative with it this year, try new things.

I’ll start off by giving a quick heads up about the various modules I am doing for the rest of the course.  The magazine is the big project of the semester and is the culmination of a few different modules:

  • ‘Professional Techniques in the Field’ – the actual creating of the magazine including 5 article titles (blogs on each coming soon)
  • ‘Commercial & Business Application for the Professional Imager’ – writing and shooting additional articles and features for the magazine
  • ‘Business Start Up’ – drawing up a business and marketing plan for the magazine

We also have a microscopy module (using the different microscopes and conducting scientific research using them) and a marine and freshwater biology module.

The course finishes with the summer projects (something big planned for this so watch this space) but just before that we have the superb group exhibition we’re going to be putting on as a course!

The blog this year will mostly consist of what I’ve been doing during the course on a day-to-day basis and I’ll keep you up to date on how I’m getting on with the projects!

Meanwhile, take it easy and I’ll leave you with some images I had fun taking over the Christmas break.





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