84 Days Later

When I was applying for this course I thought I knew my way around a camera and could take pretty decent images.  But after 3 months I have learnt to take more of a critical look at my images, less thinking “Yes. Done. Next”.  I’m trying to experiment, less staying in my comfort zone, and although it may not work all the time (I’ll be honest it doesn’t work a lot of the time…), I’m having fun doing it!

So what’s new for 2017?  I just received my briefs for next semester and a slight pang of apprehension followed by excitement hit me; it’s going to be a very tough few months but I’m really looking forward to going out and getting my teeth into it!

You might ask what is the main thing I will take from my experience over the past few months?  If you take a look back through my posts you will see reoccurring themes like ‘read the assignment carefully’, and ‘take your time’; but mostly, I’ve rediscovered enjoyment of learning, knowing I don’t necessarily understand everything but striving and wanting to learn!

Because I want a little recharge, I’ve attached some of the images I have taken in my spare time, for no reason but the enjoyment of taking images.



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