Gettin’ Jibby With It

The semester has flown by and the last deadline of 2016 approaches.  In the ‘Film production’ group project, we were split into 2 groups of 5.  Brief was to each create a 2 minute piece that you would combine with a studio piece to create a 16 minute production.  You were director for your piece, directing a counterpart in the other group who filmed for you, and vice versa.

I worked with Ollie Tookey of @wildworldmedia to create my piece on an introduction to Jubilee campus and the wildlife it contains (Ollie shooting below).  The project required me to really plan (not my strong point…), and although I thought I knew what I wanted on the first day, I hadn’t spent sufficient time working out a schedule, so I properly prepared that night and it was smooth sailing after.

For Ollie’s piece on animal tracks and signs I took the role of cameraman.  I’ll admit it took me a while to get used to the cameras, but after a while I managed to get some shots I was really proud of (patience was required to get the shot below!).  I especially enjoyed the jib work; at the beginning I did have some struggles, but after attaching a “counter-weight” (Ollie’s bag) I was able to create the smooth motion associated with jibs.



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