To Bee or Not To Bee

This week has been purely spent filming for the final assignment of the year, the group film project.  But I’d just like to take a step back and look at the project that was in for the week before, the research poster.  A project that required us to research a scientific topic and create a poster aimed at undergraduates.

This project was slightly different to the others in that it was back to the world of scientific writing, something I hadn’t done since my undergraduate.  I chose the world of aposematism and Batesian mimicry; in layman’s terms: warning colours, and “copying” the warning colours of something, even if the organism is completely harmless.  I focused on the world of insects and concentrated on the wasp, bee, and hoverfly families, as they have some of the most obvious warning colours in the animal kingdom (included below is a tiny example of the variety of organisms that fall into these groups).  This piece really required me to draw on skills learnt from previous workshops, including the sessions done on studio photography, and Photoshop (both addressed in previous posts).  It was a really interesting project that got me back into the mindset of researching and referencing my work, and also allowed me to experiment with a different design structure (section added below).



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