Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

The second of this week’s deadlines came in the form of the identification project; pick a specimen from the museum, photograph it, use these photographs to create an infographic in Adobe Illustrator highlighting how to identify your chosen subject in the field.  This was using the knowledge we’d gained from our time with Greta Powell earlier in the course (see Adobe-Wan Kenobi Part 2).

I chose the Atlas Beetle (below) as my specimen because I’ve always been fascinated by the sheer size of these insects and the impressive horns they use to do battle over mating rights.  With a tonne of instructional sites on how to make various objects in Illustrator (examples below), I had great fun tinkering with the design.  In order to allow me to spend that long designing the project I had to be pretty organised with my time.  Now ‘organised’ isn’t a word often used to describe me. I need to place crucial items required for a day so I virtually fall over them, otherwise they’re forgotten (even then it’s not guaranteed…).  However this course is really helping me get to grips with this challenge in my life.  I’m starting assignments early enough so that I have time to tinker, and I’m feeling in control; a new and welcome experience!




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