Wait… What’s Negative Space Again?

The first week of deadlines is fast approaching and, as promised, here is a post on the Design Project.

First a urm… ‘brief’ rundown of the brief:  take 7 images using 3 different lenses and lighting techniques.  Additional specifications have been set: orientation, layout, and the level of negative space.  It is up to me which image is set for each specification.  For example, 4 of the 7 images must be landscape orientation, and tell a story through their structure and placement.  See below (still under construction).

What’s the age-old saying? “Two positives don’t make a negative space”; something along those lines.  On the surface it seems quite logical; an atonal, not too busy area of the image that you can easily lay text over, but it’s not as simple as it seems.  Take the image below for example.  The branch at the bottom adds too much to the image to be covered, and the area at the top has too many tones, so one uniformly-coloured text could not be laid over it.  Overcoming challenges like this has highlighted the different ways I can use my images, and I’m now wanting them to have a purpose, whether that’s to tell a story as part of a series, add context to a body of text, or be a standalone image.



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