Patience is a Virtue.

This was a week to learn a few of the other skills necessary for the wide range of briefs we have been given, including studio photography, image analysis, and creating 3D anaglyphs.  Anaglyphs were great fun and involved taking one ‘right eye’, one ‘left eye’ image and manipulating them in Photoshop (use 3D glasses if you have any lying around to see David’s head in all its glory).  I shall go into image analysis in more detail in a future post.

Studio photography was new to me, so I was interested to learn the basics of set building, and how to use studio lighting.  These were interesting and fun activities involving creating an environment in which my subject would look and feel comfortable.  I chose to build a woodland scene with David (@Cervus_Digital) for a species of millepede (below).

I tend to reach the ‘Oh that’ll do’ stage quite quickly when shooting, but the studio day highlighted the benefits of patience, especially when I had a millipede wanting to play around in the leaf litter I had so lovingly prepared for it.  Learning to wait and think is hugely important; simple changes such as thinking “Let’s just do another angle” or “I’ll just try a slightly stronger flash” are making a significant difference to my results!



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