Always. Read. The. Brief.

So who’s behind “Bassett in Stone”?  Well, I’m a 23 year-old marine biologist and budding photographer/film-maker/imager currently studying MSc Biological Photography & Imaging at Nottingham University in the UK.  Using this blog I will be providing updates on my progress (including bloopers, blunders, and hopefully a few triumphs).

Early doors, the course has proved to be challenging and engaging.  I’m a self-taught photographer, so being presented with a list of briefs on a field trip to the local zoo including, “capture pictures of the lorikeet’s eye using only a macro lens” was pretty daunting (see efforts below).  Through feedback from my course mates and course leaders, I’ve become more comfortable and adventurous when creating images.  But perhaps the biggest lesson learnt so far is knowing that however good my images are, they must meet the brief.  Although I was happy with the second image below, I hadn’t clocked that it needed to be portrait, rather than landscape, as it would be taking up a quarter of a page in a magazine layout (blunder number 1). So from now on – ALWAYS READ THE BRIEF.

(Images in this post are unedited, following posts will deal with my foray into the world of lightroom and photoshop)



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